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Workshop on tunnel related collisions

PIARC Workshop on measures to prevent or mitigate tunnel related collisions, and investigating possible measures for the individual collision types. Traffic safety is a key success factor for road tunnel safety. In general, most injuries and fatalities in tunnels are related to traffic incidents that could also happen on the open road. However, since a tunnel is an enclosed space, the escalation of a collision, in terms of fire and the release of dangerous goods, could have far more serious consequences than on the open road, because more people than those directly involved in the incident can potentially be exposed to the hazards of heat, smoke, explosions or toxic gases. Moreover, the tunnel itself can contribute to the cause or the effects of a collision.

The subject of collisions (or traffic safety) in tunnels has been addressed in previous technical reports by PIARC, but usually on a general and/or statistical level.

In this cycle we aim to look at the (cost) effectiveness of various measures to improve traffic safety iand try to present this in a structured way. One day workshop, that is a part of a work that started in 2016.

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