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Workshop on self rescue principle in tunnels

Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster invited to a workshop focusing on self-rescue principle in tunnels, and how we can in innovative ways improve tunnels.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with Human Innovation and VRI Rogaland. Me and my colleague, Gunnar Jenssen from SINTEF, participated as supporting experts.

The participating companies seeking opportunities for cooperation with other companies, and focusing on developing consepts that maybe later can end up as innovation projects, with fundings from the goverment.

We received good help in organizing the workshop from four designers who are trained on methodology of design thinking. The workshop gave an introduction to this methodology and how it can be used actively in the design of new products and services.

The technic World-leading companies like Apple, Coca Cola, General Electric and Phillips are working on innovation through human-focused, design-driven processes. Design Thinking is about strategic problem solving. It is a method of handling and solving multifaceted challenges - a method that is well-known to the designer and proves to have a huge effect also applied in other areas.

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