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Visit to Hagerbach tunnel test gallery

I visited The Hagerbach Test Gallery in February 2018. The test gallery where founded as a research and development facility for tunnel construction in 1970. The focus was initially to test drill and explosives technology, but the last years the facilities are used to prepare large complex construction and installation works in tunnels, testing new technologies, facilitate demonstrations and performing research, test and verification.

The test facility contains of multitude of galleries, caverns, testing areas, laboratories and training rooms. There are several partners involved and even more connected companies actively using the facilities. We witness first hand this collaboration in our visit to Hagerbach Test Gallery. A wise man once said "Nothing new that is really interesting comes without collaboration" and it seems true when it comes to improve construction, operation and safety of tunnels.

An insight in the work in The Hagerbach Test Gallery has been a valuable input in an ongoing study that aims to provide a similar collaboration between companies in Norway, within tunnel operations and safety. And hopefully a close cooperation between nations.

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