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Use of new materials in tunnels

New materials can in many cases have properties that are better suited to build, operate and maintain, and ultimately to rehabilitate and recycle. New materials can also last longer and have other properties that can provide improvements in terms of fire, traffic accidents and other external stresses. In addition, new materials can have a much better environmental profile than today's solutions, both in terms of component content, but also in relation to transport and installation. New materials can also have a very favorable impact on health, environment and safety due to low weight, and greater opportunities for developing smart solutions.

But how does the industry react when new new materials are introduced? Is the supplier industry encouraged to deliver new innovative solutions? Have the responsible authorities adequately facilitated innovation? Or are there barriers that stand in the way of development and improvement in the industry? These and other questions will be raised this year through a colloboartion between Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster and members of the cluster and other experts and stakeholders. 

My contribution: Expert adviser.

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