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Tunnel operations on the agenda in Seattle

In may 2018, The Technical Committee D.5 Road Tunnel Operations in PIARC visited Seattle and The Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program. A mega project that aims to replace an elevated section of State Highway SR 99 - one of two major North-South corridors in the City of Seattle. Interesting meeting where we got introduced to US tunnel projects, guidelines and methods and practices. 

The Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel is the world's largest-diameter tunnel-bored road tunnel. The 3.2 km and 17 meter diameter double decker tunnel opens in the fall and will carry State Route 99 under downtown Seattle and the total project will improve the Seattle waterfront significantly.

The total cost of this project are more than $3 billion and the waterfront viaduct replacement including north and south access and new north surface street connections represents more than $2 billion.

Our contribution: Meeting delegate and 2 presentations (ITA-COSUF and new Norwegian initiative about standardisation in tunnels)

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