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Road Tunnel Operations and Safety in Lyon

International experts from The World Road Association (PIARC), The International Tunnel Association Committee on Safety in Underground Facilities (ITA-COSUF) and in total over 300 experts from all over the world came together in September in Lyon to discuss road tunnel operations and safety.

Among other important topics, leading experts are concerned about lack of research on risk and danger related to new energy carriers in underground facilities and call for actions from authorities and responsible bodies. 

The event was organised with the support of the European Commission, ITA COSUF, the French Centre for Tunnel Studies and the French-speaking Working Group of Road Tunnel Operators, and was aimed at tunnel owners, operators, rescue services, designers, tunnel safety officers, equipment suppliers and installers.

In front of the conference, both PIARC and ITA-COSUF held committee meetings discussing ongoing work and future contributions from the committees. 

All in all one of the best conferences I have attended. Great location and facilities, and a program that emphasis relevant topics and not at least high quality discussions between moderator, speakers and delegates, gave us a added value beyond what we normally expect.

Our contribution: Member of organising committee, presentation/round table on Traffic Control Center Operations and delegate at both committee meetings and conference.

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