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Preparing in Florence for The World Road Congress

Late March 2019, we had a meeting in the international D.5 Road Tunnel Operations Committee, in Florence. The meeting focused on the outcomes from the 2016 - 2019 cycle and the reports and preparation of the presentations to the world road congress in Abu Dhabi in November. 

All the workgroups presented their work, and final tasks was discussed and decided. This cycle is probably the best prepared, concidering the reports are both high quality work and ready at time.

Well done!

In addition we had a cultural visit before the meeting on monday. And later the same week a technical visit to the traffic control centre in Florence and a tunnel visit in the main tunnel of Variante di Valico along the Highway A1. 

My contribution: Workgroup member in WG2 and WG3 and secretary in WG3, ITA-COSUF Liasson and expert adviser.

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