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Nordic Road Association (NVF) seminar

The purpose of the Tunnel Committee in the Nordic Road Association (NVF) and the seminar is to share knowledge and experience about planning, bulding, operating and maintaining tunnels, between the Nordic countries.

NVF consists of a number of different sub-committees. The subcommittees have their own seminars 2-4 times a year. Then it is working on, among other things, the next congress in the NVF. Congress is held every four years. The previous congress was held in Trondheim, while the next will be held in Malmö in 2020.

There are both participants from public builders, contractors, advisors and suppliers in this forum, and this makes the discussions real and good for further development.

The seminar was held at Lillehammer, Hunderfossen Hotel, with a subsequent dinner on Tuesday evening at the mountain hall in the Norwegian Mountain Blasting Museum.

Our contribution: Presentation on operation and maintenance in tunnels.

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