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After almost 7 years as National Tunnel Manager, following up the responsibility to the administrative authority in all phases for all tunnels in Norway, Arild Petter Sovik starts as CEO in Sovik Consulting.

01 October 2017 was the first day in new position and many exciting new assignments are ready to start.
Providing organizations with appropriate tools, processes and project management systems
Providing best practices, knowledge and relevant experience from the industry
contribute to apply principles, framework, processes to help prevent accidents, injuries and to minimise risk
Development and implementation of Management, Operation & Maintenance systems and tools
Providing advice and support in development of organisations, products, services and concepts
providing advice and support to follow-up operation and maintenance, status/actions on underground facilities
It will also important for us to have a good overview of industry to provide the best advice and support based on best practices, knowledge and relevant experience for our customers. It is therefore important for us also to contribute to a world wide communication about road tunnels and technology in an operational perspective.

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