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Full scale fire tests & seminar in Spain

We where invited to witness a full scale low pressure water-mist fire test in the well-known Applus+ "San Pedro de Anes" Experimental Centre, last week. The host of the event was VID Fire Kill ApS, a danish based Low Pressure Watermist manufacturer. 

The Tunnel Fire Training and test centre, Centro Experimental "San Pedro de Anes" has long traditions in carrying out full scale fire tests, and has been a valuable partner in several important tunnel fire research programs in Europe.

The test this spring was performed in a 600 meter long test tunnel. The experimental centre in Spain are equipped with proper infrastructure for performing full scale fire tests in tunnels. All necessary measurements was installed in the tunnel, and the test results, together with 10 other similar tests, will be a part of a research report from Efectis, available later this year. Efectis is a well-known partner in tunnel fire science and research in Europe.

In addition to introduction to the tests, tunnel safety topics and what is important to solve with a fire suppression system, presentations was given from international experts within relevant topics for tunnel safety. Søvik Consulting gave a presentation on challenges with road tunnels. 

Our contribution: Meeting delegate and 1 presentations (Challenges with road tunnels)

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