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Expert Meeting/Workshop on NEC

New energy carriers (also known as NEC) for road transport, such as battery electric cars, and fuel cell cars, entail new risks for the safety of tunnels and underground parking lots. In order to get an idea of the magnitude of these risks are and how they can be controlled, research is needed, preferably in a European context. That is the most important outcome of the two-day international Workshop on NEC in Road Tunnels that took place in Utrecht on 20 and 21 and was organized by KPT, ITA-COSUF and PIARC.

The first day of the conference consisted of an Expert Meeting on invitation during which the most urgent research needs for the near future were discussed. The second day was a public workshop with several sessions concerning respectively safe operation of tunnels and other underground transport facilities, the perspective of the emergency services, research activities and research, available instruments and future needs. The day ended with a panel discussion.

My contribution: Member of the ITA-COSUF Steering Board, PIARC Liasson and expert adviser

The Knowledge Platform for Tunnel Safety (KPT) is the one-stop shop for questions about tunnel safety in the Netherlands. The platform shares existing Dutch and foreign knowledge of tunnel safety in a low-threshold and proactive way with all persons and organizations professionally involved with tunnels and tunnel safety. The KPT is independent, works in a transparent manner and is interconnected between knowledge institutions, users and sources of knowledge.

ITA COSUF is the Centre of Excellence for world-wide exchange of information and know-how regarding operational safety and security of underground facilities.

The World Road Association-PIARC was established in 1909. It brings together the road administrations of 122 governments and has members -individuals, companies, authorities and organizations- in over 140 countries. Within PIARC the Road Tunnel Operations Committee is focused on tunnel safety.

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