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Discussing new Norwegian standardization committees

Standards Norway (Standard Norge) invited to a morning meeting in Oslo this week, discussing the need for standardization in the context of tunnel safety.

Society is built on standards, and standards promote innovation! When everyone in the industry uses the same starting point - a common standard - then good practice can be implemented more easily, which in turn makes it easier to build our society in a safe, sustainable and profitable way.

Last year, Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster started work on the "Standard Tunnel". The goal of this project is to improve standards for the planning, construction and operation of tunnels. This work must be done in collaboration with others, and in interaction between public and private actors. At this morning meeting, we highlighted examples, and discussed how we can improve our industry.

Standards Norway invited stakeholders in the industry to come with proposals and give priority to possible topics for committees.

  • Helen Roth, Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster
  • Marius Hanssen Raddum, Norwegian Investigation Board
  • Michael Köhler, Business Development International VA/PA
  • Arild Petter Sovik, Sovik Consulting
40 to 50 stakholders in the industry discussed these topics and started a process to start the next committees on this topic in Standards Norway. 

Our contribution: Speaker and expert adviser on standardisation in the tunnel industry.

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