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Digitalisation, 3D modelling and BIM

BIM is a geometric 3D model with information. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, and is a digital model of a construction or building.

The term not only deals with the model itself, but also includes how to handle information throughout the entire construction process - from design to operation and how to communicate information to other collaborators so that it can be understood and information can be utilized.

BIM is the core of a collaborative model between the various parties, such as client, contractor, subcontractors and public authorities both during the construction process and later throughout the life of the construction, including rehabilitation / closure and recycling of materials.

BIM is primarily about interaction and information. The term BIM includes as well tools as working methods and mindset.

There are BIM for different topics (construction, electrical, drainage, etc.) and you can also combine these models with an interdisciplinary BIM.

From 3D, one can also move on in 4,5,6,7 and 8D:

2D: Traditional drawing
3D: Geometry
4D: Time
5D: Costs
6D: Management, Operation and Maintenance
7D: Sustainability
8D: Health, Environment and Safety (HES)

We focus on digital revolution, VR and BIM the next years. .

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